Mural Opportunities

Below you’ll find spaces that are actively looking for mural proposals and potential spaces I’ve scouted around town for.

*Denotes those who are actively seeking proposals.

ARTISTS: Need help quoting a mural?

*Public Art With An Environmental Message

Marine City, St. Clair & Port Huron

The Thumb Coast Storm Drain Art Project is a new public art initiative created by Friends of the St. Clair River.

Get drawing! We are looking for artists of all ages and abilities to submit artwork for our Thumb Coast Storm Drain Art Project! Murals painted adjacent to storm drains will be used to bring awareness to the connectivity between storm drains and waterways. Many people are unaware storm drains flow directly to rivers and that storm water runoff is never treated before it enters our rivers. This project is combining positive messages with public art to inspire a generation of environmental leaders.

Get going! We are accepting artwork proposals now through April 30th. Then, the selected artists will bring their art to life on sidewalks in June, July and August. Art will appear at twenty-four storm drains spread across downtown Port Huron, St. Clair, and Marine City at highly visible locations like the Bridge To Bay Trail, sidewalk intersections, and park entrances.

Get creative! You can help protect the St. Clair River by submitting your art! Artists are invited to create colorful, fun designs that reflect the importance of keeping our water clean. Themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Keep it clean, we’re all downstream
  • Storm drains aren’t garbage cans
  • Only rain in the drain
  • Be the solution to pollution

Get paid! Artists will be paid a stipend of $150 per drain to cover their time for each storm drain painting completed. If selected, you must supply your own brushes, but you will be provided with paint and sealer. We encourage artists to submit multiple designs!

More submission details can be found here:

*Concession Stand

Memphis Community Schools

We have a concessions building that faces our main road in town (Memphis Community Schools). It’s a very plain building and I would LOVE more than anything to turn it into a focal point for years to come. The building itself is literally a rectangle constructed of blocks- (blocks are textured- see picture) apx. 8.5′ high apx 81′ long with a door that is not centered (55′ wide on one side of the door and 26′ on the other)

Budget: Negotiable

Leslie Rosenow

*716 Lapeer Ave, Port Huron, MI 48060

Brick Wall

Nicole Ward, owner of Classic Nails and Spa, and the building it’s housed in, is looking for a mural for this brick wall.

“I wanted to plant along the building so when clients pulled in and people driving down Lapeer would have a nice view. But felt that would be a lot of extra work, so I was thinking clusters of different flowers and maybe butterflies, The building has two billboards, so it won’t be that tall in that area. And I want to still have sections of brick. At the back of the building there is a space to go higher.” ~Nicole Ward

Budget: Negotiable


Garage Door of Pottery Studio
Facing Jackleg Entertainment

Carol Hall, owner of Foundry is actively seeking a proposal for this space. This is a paying gig.

The Old Harrington Inn

This could be painted on wood and then put in place.

404 Quay Street

This mural could be painted on wood in a separate location and then put in place under the brick arch.

Ballentine Building

Quay Street

Look at the two beautiful squares… just waiting for some murals.

902 Military St.

This space would make for a great mural especially at this heavily traveled intersection.

Country Style Market PH

Grand River Ave.

As evidenced by the gorgeous mural on their front window it would seem the folks at Country Style Market are supporter of public art. They have these lovely natural rectangles on the side of their new downtown location would make for a great mural location.